Fit Your Life

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong
QiGong helped me learn how to Fit my life, even through cancer treatments, and transform my fear into courage...
— Denise Minter

What if your mind, body, and emotions were perfectly tuned to fit your life?

What if you fit your life-- even as you age, feel stress missing a deadline at work, or have healthcare worries? For many of us, we barely get through the day with enough energy, and most weeks could use more focus, resilience and joy. QiGong teaches us the tools to be aware of our mind, body and heart, and through mindful focus and movement to replenish and renew areas of need.

Denise Minter's Journey with Cancer and QiGong

When Denise found out she had cancer, she woke up to how much she needed to do to retrain body, mind, heart to fit her life. She had a full life. She and her husband had a young son, and she had a busy film production job.  Denise is the first to admit that she had a lot of catching up to do, because she had long been both focused, and truthfully, too distracted by her busy, wonderful life. Denise discovered QiGong could help her navigate her new life palette--one that now included healing through cancer. Her landscape --which included fierce medical treatments --was not easy, but she was steadfast that she would learn how to boost her immune system so she could walk it with greater health and joy.  Read more about Denise's journey with QiGong and Cancer.

Stress, Aging, Illness can deplete vitality

Many of us live our lives with our bodies overstressed and depleted. Sometimes we drink coffee or take a break to get back in the game, but in the wisdom of QiGong, this isn't enough.

Waking up Energy to be fit for your life

Qigong offers a pathway to open your attention to your whole body and emotions to discover where there is need and to refresh with full brilliance. 

Denise designed Daily Shine to bring you the teachings of QiGong that helped her learn how to wake up. She learned to relax, get strong, and be resilient and fit her life. She continues to practice Daily Shine everyday. The class is based on the teachings of Wisdom Healing QiGong --gentle movement, sound, meditation.  The class is online, and even includes Live Classes and an On Demand video library.

We all have a colorful life palette to get ready for today -- to bring our best effort to contribute our knowledge and heart. These teachings can help you.

New to QiGong?

You don't need to have any previous knowledge or experience of QiGong to take a Waking Up Energy Class. You don't need to have done another energy practice, like Yoga or meditation. If you would like to learn more about QiGong and Daily Shine, check out the links below. 

Daily Shine helps get us ready for the landscape we walk through each day - so we can shine.
— Denise MInter
QiGong taught me how to relax & see where I was depleted. My Daily Shine practice helps me refill my strength and energy everyday.
— Denise Minter
Waking Up Energy Qigong

When our immune system is stressed, our luster fades. Qigong helps us relax and renew where we need it most. We connect within, replenishing our organs and our whole body, heart and mind, so we can meet this day and a lifetime ahead with much more brilliance.

Waking Up Energy Qigong

Our Daily Shine QiGong Course -- all welcome!

This online course combines livestream and OnDemand features, so you can easily practice along with Denise Minter everyday, anytime you want. You don't need to know about Qigong, meditation or energy practices to start this course!